Bronchoscopy in Images

In this publication you will find endoscopic images about different situations that may be familiar to you, accompanied by a comment about the “endoscopic semiology”, in which a circumspect terminology is applied, which we trust will be useful when describing and reporting the findings arising from the bronchoscopic examination.

The present compilation of images about the endoluminal affections of the airway remains incomplete, and continues to be nourished by the permanent contributions of renowned specialists and their experience, the original source of all knowledge.

Set of images elaborated with the contributions of experienced bronchoscopists and otorhinolaryngologists:

Hugo Botto, Marcelo C. Debais, Juan Carlos Rolleri, Álvaro Ortiz Naretto, Roberto Duré, Carlos E. Grimberg, Artemio O. Garcia, Gerardo Vilas, Jose Rodriguez Gimenez, Fernando Galindez, Gabriel Revello, Luis Gonzalez Lelong, Marcos Las Heras, Roberto Mazarella, Fernando Ane, Alberto Lopez Araoz, Gonzalo Castaño, Alfonso Fiorino (†) and Ricardo Isidoro.

Images and descriptions: Ricardo Isidoro