272 – Tracheal Carcinoma

272 - Giant cell carcinoma

Trachea: a giant cell carcinoma has completely infiltrated the wall. Two ends of the cartilaginous rings are visible in the light as a result of the destruction of their mucosa, now covered by thick purulent secretions and suffering continuous dehydration due to being exposed to the turbulent airflow caused by local narrowness and inflammation.

269 – Bronchial Tumor

269 - Endobronchial tumor

Although the foreground magnifies the image, it is only the small biopsy forceps with fenestrae in its leaflets, commonly used with the flexible bronchoscope, doing its work of tissue capture for the diagnosis of this endobronchial tumor.

267 – Tracheal Tumor

267 - Tracheal Tumor

Tracheal tumor with double origin: two large formations occupy the center of the tracheal lumen, although there is still a sufficient area for ventilation. In the image, the formations appear superimposed, but they have an independent origin constituted by pedicles that emerge from the tracheal wall. Both correspond to a single primary carcinoma.