260 – Bronchial Carcinoma

260 - Small cell carcinoma

Although similar to the previous case, here are indirect signs of neoplastic process, contiguous to the lesion. Irregular edema with some small mamelons on a thickened carinal edge and distortion of the bronchial entrance right source, towards where the longitudinal folds of the posterior wall bend excessively.

101 – Bronchial Occlusion

101 - bronchial neoplasia

Macroscopic appearance very common in neoplastic processes. The sub-occlusion of the bronchus is formed by tissue that develops in the light (center of the image), and in its upper part the proliferation still respects the mucosa, at least on its surface. The vessels are engorged, with the typical changes in their color.

089 – Carina Enlarged

089 - neoplasia in trachea

Full of semiology, the neoplastic repercussion in the interior of the trachea shows deformation of the light at the entrance to the main bronchi, very marked in the left. The carina is widened, with a submucosal protrusion. The folds have deviated and the superficial coloration combines pale areas with congestive ones, in which the full … Read more