275 – Tracheal Carcinoma

275 - Giant cell carcinoma II

Image corresponding to the previous case, after a recanalization of the right source bronchus.
There are diffuse inflammatory changes and blood in the path of the bronchus, which can be followed up to the lower lobe.
The folds in the source bronchus, deep and tortuous, are diverted to enter the upper lobe, but it is occluded.

Neoplastic tissue persists in the medial wall of the main bronchus and the tracheal carina is unrecognizable.

274 – Tracheal Carcinoma

274 - Giant cell carcinoma I

A voluminous vegetative formation settles in the tracheal carina and completely occludes the light of the right source bronchus and reduces that of the left.

The surface is irregular, with protrusions and increased vascularization in some areas. The tissue that obstructs the right main bronchus has been necrotic.

The posterior tracheal wall seems to be thrown forward and the edema has erased the folds.

Giant cell carcinoma.