113 – Signs of Neoplastic Process

113 - severe neoplastic process

“Direct and indirect” signs of severe neoplastic process that protrudes towards the tracheal lumen from its posterior wall in the proximity of the bifurcation. Irregular and bulky thickening of the entire mucosa that surrounds an asymmetric tracheal lumen, whose deformation increases when entering the main bronchi. The carnal edge has been lost and its widening … Read more

112 – Secretions Withheld

112 - passive atelectasis

Mucopurulent secretions. In patients prostrated or with bronchial immobility due to the passive atelectasis that accompanies the effusions, the secretions can fill the lower bronchi, flooding them. You can see the secretions “retained” within the adynamic bronchi that accumulate there due to their decline.